Delivery style

A wedding video should be something you'll want to watch over and over again. TV programme styles come and go, and it's important that you don't end up with something that looks super modern now, but incredibly dated in a few years time. You should be able to focus on the day and the story, and not the filming and editing. Even something as simple as over use of background music can get irritating over time. Far better to hear peoples comments.

We believe that the main content of the video should flow and be easily watchable.

It's the short-form highlights section that gives scope for a more creative and artistic interpretation. This can be a short documentary of the day itself, or can be produced more in the style of a music video. This is something to talk about face to face so that we can find out exactly what you are looking for.


Comparing like for like

You will find videographers who show just this heavily styled and edited highlights section on their websites. Some even advocate providing only this shortened form.

But in years to come who is to say that you won't want to listen to the speeches or the Vicars sermon in full once more?