Professional HD equipment

We film in full High Definition using the same equipment that we use on our broadcast TV productions.

It should go without saying that any professional videographer would be expected to use professional equipment, but with modern technology, the lines are blurred and many people see 'Full HD' on a camera and assume that's that. But professional equipment is so much more than that. It's designed for the job. For example -

  • Many pro cameras will record onto 2 memory cards at the same time, less chance of a faulty card resulting in the whole Ceremony being lost.
  • The lens will certainly be far better quality, hence a sharper image.
  • Full manual control (in the hands of a skilled operator) can ensure perfect results even in the most difficult of lighting conditions.
  • The audio capability will allow the control and use of multiple external microphones.
  • DSLR (stills camera style) video cameras might be great in the studio for set shots, but pro video cameras are far superior for quickfire, as it happens filming.