Possibilities - the Reception

The bridal presentation line-up, cutting the cake, the grand entrance - all key elements of the day. But one of the most important part of the Reception must surely be the speeches.

Just like the Ceremony, we always treat every situation differently, and use our years of experience to ensure the best possible coverage, both in terms of imagery but even more importantly in ensuring clear sound.

Lighting and Audio

We aim at all times to be as unobtrusive as possible. Modern cameras are better in low light than every before, so we no longer have to use those dazzling and distracting floodlights to get a clear picture. And using professional editing software means that we are able to filter and balance all the footage to broadcast standard. The only lighting we might use would be a small camera mounted LED lamp to give a bit of sparkle to close shots.

Audio is another matter entirely. The spoken words of the speeches are the key element and it is vitally important to use the correct microphones, correctly positioned if the end result is to be clear and free of distracting noise!

Next Steps

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