Possibilities - the highlights

It's been traditional for many years to end Wedding videos with a short highlights section. Maybe as simple as just a series of freeze frames depicting key moments throughout the day, or maybe combined with a series of slow motion sequences, edited to a favourite piece of music.

However, with the advent of Social Media and modern technology, and with the trend to 'shorter attention span programming' in mainstream broadcasing, why not end the video with a short form documentary of the day that highlights the key moments, with narrative provided by lifting out key sentences from vows and speeches?


Ideal for posting on Social Media

Between 5 and 10 minutes in length, this short-form production can stand on its own and is ideal for posting on Social Media or even sending to friends as a computer file on a USB stick.

Of course, should you wish, you could even make this the basis for the full Wedding DVD, compressing the whole production into a maybe 15 minute short programme. The choice is yours....

Next Steps

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